Rider Waite Smith King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

king of cups


Oh, the King of Cups. What a warm and loving card that can, interestingly, come off in two very different ways. Most intuitively, this card can appear as a confident and powerful person who’s very in touch with their emotions. Not so intuitively, it can also appear as a person who’s somewhat aloof despite having a rich and warm inner life. It just takes a little while to get to know them. In either situation, the King of Cups is someone who’s learned a great deal from their relationships and has navigated difficult waters to understand how to work with their own emotions, boundaries, and needs.


Either a caring and accomplished type who leads by inspiring and supporting others or someone seemingly removed who quickly warms up once they feel safe.


Empathetic, intuitive, and uncannily perceptive, the King of Cups is acutely aware of the needs of others and flourishes with firm and effective boundaries. They love to give and mentor, finding meaning in their ability to foster connections.