A Tarot Spread for Coming Into Your Own & Abundance

This is the perfect spread for when you're starting something exciting, feeling extra creative, romantic, or adventurous.

When we undertake things that reflect our true selves we feel aligned, energized, and full of anticipation. Where are we heading? What do we need to know to best direct our energy and actions?

This spread is designed to focus and harness the beautiful magic we carry within us so we can manifest it to its best potential. If you're feeling a bit nervous this spread can help center you and redirect your attention to your strengths while gathering insight into the potential in the future. If not, it'll get you jazzed up about what's to come and add some extra confidence and energy to your outlook.

First, lay out all five cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy and then flip over the first card.

This card represents your central truth - the core aspect of yourself that's allowing you to blossom right now. This is what's most important to you right now and what you find most inspiring.

The second card, which you'll turn over next, represents what gives you support and energy in this new adventure. It gives you insight about where you can turn for encouragement and how to motivate yourself.

Move to the third card. This shows you who you can trust with your blossoming. It can be an actual person in your life, someone you'll meet (like a mentor or ally), or a personality type that will be the most helpful to you in the coming days.

Next you'll turn over the fourth card. Here you'll find out what you can add to your burgeoning self. What do you need to embrace to truly bloom? This card will direct you towards what will be the most beneficial (and joyful) for you at this time.

Finally, turn over the fifth card to see where all this luscious change is taking you. Lean into the energy of this card to best integrate all the magic you've been cultivating in your life.