Rider Waite Smith Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands


The Four of Wands gives us a vision of how channeling our passions and creativity into something tangible can bring us great freedom, joy, and connection. Embracing the dynamism of wands to create something is fruitful and worthy of celebration. In fact, it invites in all sorts of good energy as well as the means to further our vision. The two celebrating figures stand outside the walls of a city. The four wands, bedecked in flowers, stand out in the open - they are able to blossom in freedom and openness. This shows us how unconstrained creativity can both give us something concrete and foster the space for new growth. 


Creative success, celebration, achievement, new venture, positive relationship(s)

Appears As

New creative partnership, a new and expansive relationship, celebrating a new phase in life, moving on with fanfare, a risk paying off, increased freedom and growth.