Rider Waite Smith Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups


Well doesn't this person look enthused! The Four of Cups represents moments of boredom and apathy. Sometimes a break to contemplate our feelings and experiences is necessary, but left too long and we risk becoming disconnected and apathetic. Like the figure in the card we're unable to recognize when our feelings change or when someone reaches out to support or comfort us. This card shows us how dwelling on our feelings for too long limits our participation in the world, as well as our self-knowledge. Introspection must be tempered by action and awareness, otherwise our break could become a focus of our reality.


Brooding, withdrawal, limited worldview, boredom

Appears As

Taking time out, needing to process emotions, fixating on feelings, ignoring outside events, lack of interest in the world, fear of close relationships, emotional overwhelm.