Tarot Spread for Focus

This tarot spread is perfect for cutting to the chase and exploring the next steps. Use it for any situation that you’d like to focus in on, from love to career and even the everyday. (I use this when I’m procrastinating on my office work, for example.)

First, lay out all six cards face down. Take a moment to focus your energy, noticing if you're drawn to any particular position of the spread. Take a breath and turn over all the cards.

Once you've taken in the whole picture, turn your attention to the first card. This represents the heart of the matter - the key facet of the issue you need to focus on.

Look to the second card to understand what you’re working with. This can be positive or negative. For example, a happy like the three of cups would suggest that things are workng in your favor whereas a more conflicted card like the eight of swords would tell you what’s blocking your energy.

Move to the third card. This represents something from the past that’s influencing the present situation. Look to this card for hidden insights and context.

Next you'll turn over the fourth card. This points you towards a person, situation, or resource that can offer you help.

The fifth card offer guidance for moving forward. What can you do to work towards your goal or objective? This card gives you concrete advice and direction.

Finally, the sixth card shows you where you’re headed if you follow the advice given in the spread. Use this card to tweak your strategy and galvanize your efforts.