Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Swords


A relatable card if there ever was one, The Eight of Swords shows us the downside to rumination. When we overthink  we invite anxiety, paralysis, and overwhelm. Here, the figure in the card has become trapped by worry and blinded to the options around them. Instead of cutting their ropes against one of the many swords (the mind used for good and clarity) they stay immobile, facing away from the hilltop castle behind them. In this way, overthinking can isolate us from the security we desire. This can also point to self-sabotage - moments when our minds make problems to keep us away from an outcome we don't think we can obtain or that we don't deserve.


Anxiety, choice overload, willful ignorance, self-limitation, fear.

Appears As

Mental blocks, anxiety over an upcoming change or opportunity, feeling isolated in one's thoughts, self-deprecation, limiting one's options, fear of being seen or occupying space, holding back.