Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Cups


There's a special kind of solemn poetry to the Eight of Cup that reminds us of the profound ask of seeking more for ourselves. Governed by the emotional suite of cups, this card depicts the bravery of setting off in search of something more to fill our lives, whether it be a different kind of relationship, creative passion, or spiritual outlet. While the path isn't clear, it holds great opportunities for personal growth and is motivated by our own unique passions. Instinct is an important guide, leading the way ahead and appearing as intuitive feelings rather than rational thoughts. There's a decisive quality here, too. When we choose to begin a journey with an unknown outcome we're trusting in ourselves and our capacity for growth.


Introspection, spiritual growth, seeking, intuition, dark night of the soul.

Appears As

A desire for more, growing out of a phase, searching for meaning, leaving a "good" situation for personal reasons, following unclear motivations, looking for more sustaining relationships and connections.