A Tarot Spread for Coming Into Your Own & Abundance

Sometimes we're just not feeling our best. I made this spread for moments of insecurity and sadness when we could all use an affirming tarot pick-me-up. 

It's important to spend time with ourselves, lavishing the care we usually direct outwards towards just us. While it's tempting to read tarot about situations asking "what should I do next?" sometimes it's equally important to ask "what am I doing well right now?" 

I designed this spread to be a quiet moment of rest and affirmation. No plans, no grand ideas about moving forward, just information on our strengths and how to take care of ourselves. Think of it as a gentle pep talk from your tarot deck :)

Reading with the Chin Up spread

Lay out all six cards face down. Take a moment to center yourself and turn them all over.

Look at card 1. This card centers your reading and reflects something special about yourself, a beautiful facet of your personality that you have to offer. Refer back to this card as the central theme of the reading if you have any questions about the others. See how they work with each other for more clues about yourself.

Shift your attention to card 2. This represents an accomplishment you made in the past that's important right now. It could simply be affirming or have some insight into the situation at hand. Recall what you did to make this goal happen, the skills you learned, and how it influences you today.

Look at card 3, an illustration of how you bring joy to those around you. Know how important you are to your friends, family, and coworkers. Even the people you meet briefly throughout your day. You don't go unnoticed.

Card 4 illuminates one of your greatest skills, a special talent if you will. This card reminds you how you bring a great deal of talent and potential into everything you do. 

Next visit card 5. It tells you where you're doing good work right now. It might be challenging, but don't lose faith. All the energy you put into this area will blossom into something satisfying that you can be proud of.

And last but not least, take a peek at card 6 which directs you towards a way to care for yourself right now. What do you need to feel cozy, cared for, loved? How can you give this gift to yourself? Go out and make it happen.