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Embracing Down Time in Your Tarot Practice

While teaching a beginner class the other day, I got to thinking about frequency and dedication in tarot.

A question I get often, especially from people just starting out, is how to use tarot in everyday life. And the most common practice by far is a daily draw. I’ve also seen, however, that this practice can get overwhelming fast. Same goes for daily readings.

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The Importance of Rest & The Four of Swords

I've just gotten up and am sitting here typing at my computer, bleary-eyed and just two sips into my first cup of coffee. It's shockingly late for me to be getting started with my day since I'm usually aiming to be up by six. Now, at 8:45, I'd normally be starting along a familair narrative of pressure. "It's time to get started already!" But this morning I'm not.

Instead, I'm wrapped up in the bliss of my body. I feel good. I can feel the heaviness in my limbs that comes when we really let ourselves go and get a full eight hours of sleep. And, to be honest, that hasn't happened in a while. Maybe it's the upcoming eclipse and full moon, but I've been spending lots of time tossing and turning in bed. Is there anything more frustrating than not sleeping well when you're so, so tired?

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