Weekend Send-Off: Where Have I Been?

Jellyfish under the sea

Well, my peaches, I’m sorry for the unexplained Weekned Send-Off hiatus. Things have been wild around here. Lots of fall transitions and life changes, the biggest being that I got married several weeks ago to my wonderful partner of three years. We had our ceremony at the house (I still have the paper lanterns hanging in my studio) and have been basking in the glow of being newlyweds and the best season of all: fall.

I hope you all have been enjoying this time of the year as much as I have. It’s truly the season of the witch and my weeks have been filled with tarot readings and events and “too many” pumpkins and gourds.

Tarot Discoveries - All The Books

My tarot reading list has been growing exponentially as of late. I just finished the wonderful Tarot Beyond the Basics by Anthony Louis (excellent for anyone looking to dive deeper into numerology, astrology, and elemental correspondences) and am dying to get my paws on a copy of T. Susan Chang’s new book Tarot Correspondences. I seem to go through periods of deep practice followed by an insatiable desire to read, so it’s back to the books for me! If only my library stocked more tarot books…

Blog Magic - Real Witches

After doing a lovely interview about my life as a witch and “origin story” the other day I found myself pondering the many ways people engage with witchcraft and its archetypes. Of course, the wonderful Brianna Saussy has something wise to contribute. Her recent post “Will the Real Witches Please Stand Up” is thought-provoking and nuanced take on witchcraft’s recent surge in internet popularity.

Repeat Tarot Card - Six of Pentacles

I think this card popped up at least six times (!) yesterday. First, in all my client readings and then in many of the reading swaps at Tarot Club last night. It was fascinating to see this card illustrated in everyone’s decks. From the classic “wealthy man bequeathing coins to beggars” version in the RWS to a joyous sense of collaboration and craft in another indie deck, the Six of Pentacles clearly has a lot to tell us about how we position ourselves when giving and receiving.

Listening, Reading, Watching

I’m a huge horror fan and have been taking serious advantage of this Halloween season. Some favorite movies I’ve been enjoying are Suspiria (the original with the amazing score by Goblin), Carnival of Souls, and the wonderful collection of ghost stories by M.R. James.

In the tarotsphere, I’ve been enjoying the new podcast Strange Magic by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia. It’s hosts are lovely, super-accomplished readers who bring a refreshing modern take to the subject. And I just got my hands on a copy of Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin. I’ll be reporting back later when I finish it!

And now onto our card for the weekend...

Minors Cups 03.jpg

Three of Cups


Message: Get social and celebrate what’s uplifting you in life.

Embrace: Spending time with friends or like-minded people, expressing joy and support, excitement.

Let Go Of: Withdrawal, hiding your success, focusing on the negative.

Guidance: Get giddy and energized! This card shows up when we have a wealth of connection in our life and plenty to share with others. Celebrate in a way that’s authentic to you, whether it’s an actual party, small gathering, or simple gesture of appreciation.