Weekend Send-Off: Seasonal Transitions


This week has been a nice, slow re-entry to post-Halloween life and I’ve finally had time to do some strategic business planning and dive back into creating blog posts and newsletters for you all. Maybe I’ll miss the hectic event schedule of October in a few weeks, but for now I’m taking the time to breathe deeply and re-center.

Here are some of the highlights from the past seven days - please share yours in the comments below!

Tarot Discoveries - Tea-Soaked Letter by Anna Burch

I love seeing tarot show up in pop culture, so it was fun to discover the cards in the music video for this delightful song. That three of swords looks ominous!

Witches in the News - “Real-life witches practice everyday magic in the Triangle”

It’s always nice to see positive mentions of witchcraft, metaphysical practices, and paganism in the news, so this feature by The Daily Tarheel is an all-around joy. And although the comment section isn’t the kindest, I did get a chuckle out of the grab-bag of defensive responses!

Repeat Tarot Card - Four of Pentacles

It seems like a lot of us have been feeling the urge to hold our resources tightly this past week. The Four of Pentacles sees us valuing stability and wanting things to stay the same, if only just for a little bit…

Listening, Reading, Watching

For some reason whenever I go to the library I pick up a bunch of intense books. Rarely do I come home with something lighthearted and simple (though I could probably use it!). Case in point: this week I checked out The Lucifer Effect by creator of the Stanford prison experiment, Philip Zimbardo (it’s amazing) and Sabrina, the latest graphic novel by Nick Drnaso.

I knew nothing about Sabrina going in and devoured it in one sitting. Perhaps foolishly, I assumed it’d be at least somewhat happy (there’s flowers on the back!) but, no. It’s a riveting and devastating look into our current relationship to truth, hardship, and social media while being uniquely and utterly itself. I highly recommend it to any graphic novel fans out there or anyone looking for an insightful and artistic take on our modern times. Though maybe not for general uplift an merriment ;)

And now, finally, our card for the weekend:

Minors Swords 02.jpg

Two of Swords


Message: Focus in on a big choice in your life right now.

Embrace: Gathering facts, trusting your instincts, making space for information to come through.

Let Go Of: Confusing what could be a straightforward choice into something more dramatic, needing absolute clarity.

Guidance: It’s important to give ourselves time and space to mull things over; however, being too isolated can block out connection and creativity. The choice at hand can be exciting and expansive if we let it.