Do I Need to Take Notes During My Tarot Reading?

Taking Notes Tarot Reading Seafoam Kaweco Fountain Pen with Crystals

Now here's a question for the ages and one I've been meaning to write a post about for quite some time now. And before we get started, a quick confession. I love writing things down. Cute pens? I live for them. Exhaustive summaries? My bread and butter. So as a serial note-taker you'd think I'd say, "Yes! Go to town!" I am, after all, someone who *nerd alert* used to re-copy the Latin I was translating and only then write my take underneath. I was very extra back then. 

With that being said, I'm now going to depart from my note-loving roots and take a stand: you don't need to take notes during your tarot reading.


Deliberation is wonderful, but it's also an enemy of spontaneity and exploration. Getting a tarot reading is a living, breathing experience that requires being in the moment. Quickly scribbling out notes runs the risk of distracting us from the cards. We could be busy writing out "Queen of Wands + three of pentacles = relationship with self + ambition??" etc. etc. and never look up from out probably adorable notebook to see the richness of the cards in front of us.

The spark of personal insight that comes from being present in a tarot reading is worth far more than pages of notes. You are the magic link between the cards and their meaning to your life. Reach out to them and they'll reach out to you.

Plus, how many times have you written notes furiously only to look back on them and not be able to understand a thing?

So what about later, when you'd like to go back and revisit what happened with more clarity? I'll be the first to agree that getting a tarot reading is a lot to take in. Sometimes it can feel like you got pulled into a swirling world of images and impressions - it's exciting, illuminating, and a bit overwhelming. And now you're spit back into the more meat-and-potatoes, rational realm of the everyday. What even happened there? How do you being to process it?

Well, I have good news for you. Yes, old note-taking Gina is getting time to flex her muscles. And even better? It's on your behalf.

I can really relate to the tarot reading conundrum of wanting to refer back to the reading and remain in the moment while you're experiencing it. That's why I've started offering free reading overviews with every face-to-face tarot reading (that's in person appointments or readings via skype.) This way you can refer back to the basics of the reading, jog your memory, and start processing it as your life unfolds. 

It's important to me as a reader to offer experiences that reflect my love and respect for tarot. Since I strongly believe that a tarot reading is half the reading itself and half how we process it in our own lives, I wanted to offer a service that allows you the ability to experience your reading and "take it home with you."

And because it's so important to me I'm choosing not to charge for it, though given the time it does have a snazzy value of $15. Nothing makes me happier than being able to offer this karmic tarot gift.

Here's What You Get

  • A 2-4 page PDF outlining your reading that includes...
  • A photo of your cards
  • A rundown of that cards we drew and their basic meanings
  • A brief summary of your reading

and, my favorite part...

  • Instructions and suggestions for integrating your reading into your life that includes...
  • Qualities and things to embrace moving forward
  • Key cards that speak to both you and influential themes and/or people
  • Suggestions for how to work with your cards

And naturally this all looks quite snazzy, if I dare say so myself! (I love, love, love making PDFs)

My hope is that by providing these after-reading summaries and suggestions that you can get to know your tarot cards even futher and carry their magic and guidance with you as their meaning unfolds. So put down your pens and let yourself get truly immersed in your tarot reading.