Weekly Forecast: May 21-27

Jonasa Jaus Tarot Three of Wands The Tower Six of Cups

Oh my! We have some intense energy afoot this week. A crow-pleasing card of victory, the Six of Wands, is making way for two of the tarot cards most likely to win "Worst First Impression" - Death and the Three of Swords. I think this tells us a very interesting story, but it also is giving us some complicated experiences to work through.

So what does it mean when success brings on the energies of Death and the Three of Swords? Death is a harbinger of profound transitions. It's almost comical how the gung-ho enthusiasm of the Six of Wands (you can think of this card as the go-getter of tarot, someone used to seeing results from their actions) crashes into Death. This week we're getting more than we bargained for and our inner development is coming to the forefront through seemingly innocuous actions.

In other words, we might find ourselves thinking, "Things are going so wonderfully! ... Why do I feel so bad?" 

I like to think of Death as a card representing moments where we ascend to another level. When Death arrives on the scene we're often unprepared and this is driven home by the ix of Wands. Wands are action-packed, self-motivated, and ever-moving. We think we're on a normal jaunt. It's pleasant, energizing, and going just where we want it to go. Before we know it, however, we come face-to-face with a big moment and some big feelings.

We've been changing all along and now is a time to recognize the weight and importance of that change.

Something we've been undertaking in our professional and creative lives is ushering in a new understanding of who we are. We've reached a sense of harmony and balance. There have been struggles, yes, but they've all taught us to trust our skills and abilities. We can do things! We can make things happen!

I'm feeling this energy as an unexpected and initially unwanted promotion. We know we've been doing a good job, but we weren't anticipating it to be noticed and "rewarded" with a weighty promotion. We have to step up, mid-celebration. Can't we just hang out in this period of plenty? Why do we have to move forward, adding on layers?

It's because we're ready, that's why. Death has a profound inevitability attached to it. Fighting these transitions is unwise. It'd be like trying to prevent Winter from happening or protesting the night. Most of the fear surrounding this card is a fear of the unknown. Death strips us of our usual blueprints and roles and tells us to walk forward with trust, knowing we're evolving into something different. The new blueprint is just around the corner. We need to have faith. 

Sound heavy enough for you? It doesn't have to be that way and a key part of this involves scale. Taking baby steps instead of leaping ahead (or throwing a temper tantrum and sitting on the ground) honors the magic behind Death. We can see the character of Death holding a chrysalis dangling from a twig. Like the creature trapped inside, we have to wiggle here and there, testing our new wings and slowly weakening what was once our cozy home. 

Eventually, we'll have to burst out, but not quite yet. Taking time to commemorate the big change we're finding ourselves in will help acclimate us to both our new selves and the new world we'll be finding ourselves in.

And this brings us to the Three of Swords. This process is uncomfortable and it's important to acknowledge it. The Death transition at work this week is bringing up old and painful wounds. These need to be tended and seen before we complete our transformation. Again, tenderness is key. I see this card as part of the chrysalis we need to shed. What old stories do we need to let go? What has brought us pain in the past that we can choose to remove from our lives? 

This highlights an empowering side to Death. When we embrace its changes we can embrace a more authentic, supportive, and enlightening role for ourselves. Where we once could only crawl we can now fly freely. All we need is a little time and care to free ourselves and stretch our wings.