Weekly Forecast: March 26 - April 1

Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Knight of Cups The Magician Ten of Swords

I wanted to use The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot this morning to match the season. For some reason the nature-based feel of this deck reminds me of Spring. And interestingly enough, we have the flow and action of Spring coming through in the meanings of these cards. Though our direction and motivations seem a bit confused. 

We can see that The Knight of Cups and The Magician are facing away from each other. There's a sense here that our dreamy inclinations are in conflict with our desire to get things done. One one level we're looking forward, eager to make our mark on the world - charging ahead, creating, and changing. On the other we're feeling pulled to follow a pensive and more winding path. In other words, we want to charge full speed ahead, but our head is in the clouds.

What to do, then? The Ten of Wands shows us that we're prioritizing the practical over the romantic. The Magician's desire is to harness energy and create change. And that's certainly happening! We're finding our plates full this week, as we navigate multiple commitments, projects, and ideas. This enthusiasm, however, is disconnecting us from ourselves. In a way, we're experiencing a bit of an addiction to productivity. Quickly, the focus on The Magician is turning into the overwhelm of the Ten of Wands.

The Knight of Cups shows us another way. Perhaps we're feeling the call to squash our creative, passionate nature with a rush of busy energy. The Knight of Cups has the unbridled passion and at times bombastic emotion of a teenager and occupying his shoes can be vulnerable. This week we may find ourselves thinking that it's not practical to follow our whims or investigate curiosity for curiosity's sake. 

The Magician and the Ten of Wands are telling us that stifling this natural expression can lead to detachment and burnout. We can stop to smell the roses as we navigate all the tasks we need to accomplish. The Knight of Cups invites us to interject moments of beauty and pleasure, romance and imagination, into our daily lives. 

These acts, in fact, put the "magic" back in The Magician. It's easy to look at this card and see ideas of power, mastery, and creation. Yet The Magician also knows to leave space for inspiration. That strike of lightening is actually the key to all his accomplishments. With one hand raised and another pointing to the ground, The Magician is a conduit for this energy, not its master. All he has to do is lay out his tool in preparation for that important moment. 

Instead of skipping this key experience and fast forwarding to action - rushing mindlessly from one task for the next or doing for doings sake - The Knight of Cups reminds us that a starry-eyed and rapturous enjoyment of life is a key component to our productivity, not a detraction. So while we might feel that taking a walk in the middle of a big project is a frivolous waste of time, it may actually be the perfect condition for inspiration, breakthrough, and wisdom to strike. What's more, it allows us to fully inhabit ourselves so that when we make magic, we're making it from a grounded place. Our actions are meant to serve us, not sap our energy needlessly.