An Update from Durham, NC

Black Eyed Susans in the front yard

Well, my peaches, it's been quiet over here for a while now. Where have I gone to? Am I coming back?

Yes, yes I am. Here I am!

It's been a busy time of transition for me any my family and when I find myself making big changes I often need to hermit myself away, letting everything fall back into place slowly.

What's this big change you might ask? Just last week me, my darling partner, our two hounds and one pigeon picked up all our belongings and moved into our first real home.

We bought a house! It's been quite the process full of ridculous searching during which I almost convinced myself I could live behind a Red Lobster. At the end of it all we stumbled upon a house so dreamy that I'm having a hard time waking up and accepting that it's real and it's really ours. 

Change takes a long, long time to settle in for me. Until then I walk around in a daze wondering "did that really happen?" and "am I really here?" When I get in this state I develop a near-total allergy to social media. With all the adjusting going on, I like to focus on the life right in front of me and spending time on Instagram just makes me feel disconnected from myself. 

Additionally, I have to get all philosophical about things. For example, can anyone explain the concept of ownership to me? It seems both abstract and pushy. Like can I really walk up to a tree and say "this is my tree. I own it." That just seems rude.

In any case, I'm now here, in Durham, North Carolina coming to terms with the fact that I am a very lucky, happy homeowner. And I'm excited to emerge from my phase of homebuying hustle and bustle to jump back into the world of Incandescent Tarot, energized and inspired.

Moving has a weird way of not only shifting your geographic perspective, but your mental perspective as well. My brain is being jostled in new directions and I have lots of new plans and projects that I'll be unveiling in the months to come. 

Above it all, however, I'm excited to reenter my practice with tarot. One can only do so many real estate themed readings, and I'm so eager to reconnect with my deep tie to tarot and share it with you too. 

Yes, the pond is swimmable!

Yes, the pond is swimmable!

Pearl figured out how to climb the stairs. Smart girl!

Pearl figured out how to climb the stairs. Smart girl!

Oh, and you might be curious to know where I've actually landed! It's been quite the lifestyle change. We managed to find a little slice of nature and solitude within the Durham city limits. We're now happy stewards (much better and more respectful than "owners," I think!) of over 2 acres of wooded land, 1/3 of which is a lovely pond. So far we've seen herons, fish, frogs, and even an owl which came to welcome us on our first night here. 

I grew up in the country (our front yard was 17 acres!) so this is a lovely return to my roots. I didn't realize how much I missed being around green and wildness until we found this house.  Our dogs are having the times of their lives, even Sammy, my mysteriously lethargic border collie mix. And Pearl the pigeon is enjoying having a bigger house to strut around in. 

And excitingly enough, I now have a wonderful workspace upgrade with lots of room to offer my clients tarot readings in an even more magical setting than before. I"m looking forward to sharing more with you in the days to come. Until then, it's back to lots of painting and unpacking. And don't worry, I'll be back online from here on out :)