Weekly Forecast: November 7-13

Cards from  Il Meneghello's  Soprafino Tarot

Cards from Il Meneghello's Soprafino Tarot


The cards for this week show an interesting shift, one where we’re having to reevaluate our stances on two controversial areas – our minds and our money.

Are there any more fraught topics? It’s time to get down and dirty with our assumptions about our beliefs and how we communicate in our work environments. Luckily, in doing so we have the potential to usher in a breath of fresh air and maybe even a lucrative opportunity.

It appears we have been at an impasse about a certain area of our careers or creative work. We've been mulling over options and coming up with countless ideas, unable to choose one. It's been overwhelming and difficult to see where to go next, maybe even painful.

Lord knows there are plenty of opinions on that matter. As someone who can get sucked into internet wormholes filled with conflicting business advice, I often have trouble seeing through a sea of “should” to my own path.

It might feel safe and considerate to remain on the sidelines, really thinking through each option before making a move. Some might call it agonizing. We want to be thorough and we want to be sure, but doing this squanders the power of our minds. We are bogging ourselves down with options and using our thoughts to protect ourselves instead of cutting through what is holding us back.

Sometimes conflict and turmoil are there for a reason, created by our circumstances and true feelings. Sometimes  we need a bit of clarifying conflict to power us through to the next level. 

The first two cards this week are the nine and five of swords. An interesting progression, moving from stagnation, confusion, and grief to very visible conflict. Well, you might think, it is better to remain silent and mull over options than grapple with them, exposed for all to see.

And, true, it certainly looks more professional to come up with a pile of plans than get into a heated argument with a coworker. But that's not our only option.

The five of swords gives us a choice. How do we communicate our thoughts? With aggressive anger or calm confidence? To what ends are we sharing our ideas? To achieve growth or stir conflict?

We’ve been given something sharp, why not use it to break through confusion and achieve a breakthrough? This is what our minds can do.

Our minds can also cause great injury to ourselves and others. This is the dual nature of swords. The five, front and center this week, holds a warning. There is a definite possibility for testiness and drama this week, so remain aware.

Swords govern communication and we must be mindful about how we’re communicating. Who are we speaking to and to what end? We must strike a balance between the sad inaction of the nine and the hotheadedness of the five.

This card also asks us to remember that it is completely impossible to draw a boundary, make a stand, or state a preference and offend no one. That’s the beauty of making a point. There it is, a point, our there and visible. Some people may not like where it is or have an issue with it existing. We can’t help that, and if the thought behind it is pure and aligned with our goals, we shouldn’t apologize for it either.

The five is warning us that this conflict is unavoidable. Make room for it and know that (if you are proceeding with good intentions) it is a sign that you are making a stand and a commitment to your ideas, goals, and plans.

And now we arrive at the ace of pentacles, the card casting this rosy glow on the swords before it.

Golden, glimmering, and whole it represents a new beginning or completeness to your endeavors, specifically in the realm of the day-to-day and money.

All this grappling with the swords is guiding you towards a new opportunity. Be mindful of which thoughts you’re sharing with the world, take the time to discern what it is you truly want, and be open to the clarifying process of hashing it out. It’s all heading in a positive direction should you approach it with positive intentions.