Notes from a Tarot Reader: Reversals

Cards in every direction via  The Fountain Tarot

Cards in every direction via The Fountain Tarot


I wrote about ways to interpret card reversals earlier, but I left a little something out.

I’ll let you in on the secret: I don’t read with reversals.

You might think that seems shifty. Why write my suggestions for a reading style I don’t even practice? Well, the thing is, I first learned to read tarot using reversed cards. I’ve been around the block, so to speak.

But as my practice evolved and as I spent more time learning the deeper symbolism and history behind the cards I realized that reversals just aren’t for me.

One thing I love about tarot is how flexible it is. Once you learn the traditions behind the cards you can go in many different directions: Numerology, astrology, Kabbalah, divination, Hermeticism. I could go on.

For me, once I started down just a few of these paths I realized that I had a wealth of information to use in my readings. Plus, I found that I like the intuitive challenge of interpreting the direction or connotation of a card (negative or positive? Emerging or receding? Etc.) without reversals.

Many readers use reversals and I enjoy learning about their methods. They just aren’t for me. The beauty of tarot is each reader develops their own unique style. The form is constantly evolving.

And I’m far from a purist. I believe that variety and creativity only add to the magic of tarot. So I encourage you to explore the world of reversals. Take a peek, get to know the meanings, and, most importantly, see how it feels for you.

Love the clarity and excitement? Integrate it into your practice! Not feeling it? Take what you’ve learned and leave the rest.