7 Ways to Prepare for Your Tarot Reading

Get cozy and see what the cards have to say

You’ve just booked your tarot reading. You might be feeling nervous, excited, and intrigued. As a someone who loves getting tarot readings, I know the feeling well.

Having your cards read is an intimate experience. You’re quite literally putting a part of yourself out there and hoping for clarity and guidance in return.

It’s exhilarating and out-of-the-ordinary and that’s the point! But there aren’t many resources for preparation and etiquette.

So here are my tips to ensure that your reading is as relaxing, helpful, and magical as you need it to be.

1.      Formulate Your Question

This is worth taking some time with since it directs the entirety of your reading. Snuggle in and really give it some consideration. I find journaling especially helpful in getting all the information out onto the page. After writing for a bit, you may even find that your question is different than you thought. Good news! You can tweak it to your heart’s content before you tell your reader. Phrasing is key. Make sure your question focuses on the heart of your issue and leaves room for steps forward (for tips, see my post about phrasing questions here.) Your reader should be able to tell you if your question works well for your situation. I certainly encourage you to reach out if you’re lost or simply want feedback.

2.      Address Questions or Concerns with your Reader

Your tarot reader is your ally. They want to facilitate this insightful and transformative experience for you and should be happy to address any concerns you have before the reading begins. Before you shoot off a long email of questions, however, take a peek at their code of ethics and terms and conditions pages. Most readers have this information readily available on their websites and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with their policies and boundaries before the reading begins. If you have any personal preferences such as a deck you’d like to use or a certain topic you don’t feel comfortable addressing, let them know! They’ll be glad to have the extra information to make their reading the best it can be.

3.      Center Yourself

Relax and center yourself before the reading takes place. This can be in any way that works best for you. Meditation, a nice walk, even a bath if you can wrangle it. It’s important to feel as grounded as possible (while leaving room for some giddiness, naturally!) Remember that this reading is for you. Tarot reading are meant to be illuminating and healing. Any reader worth their salt will not intentionally pressure you in any direction or make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are very few readers like this, and you’ve likely chosen someone who resonates with you and communicates well. So rest up and focus on yourself before the reading starts. It will better prepare you to absorb the information and get the most guidance from the cards.

4.      Embrace the Unknown

You’re not going to a tarot reader because you know the answers already. In fact, you’re most likely looking to tarot because thinking through the issue wasn’t getting you anywhere. Tarot is an excellent way to access other channels of knowing like intuition. Open your mind to the information that will come your way and know that it won’t look like your usual approach. Embrace a sense of fun and exploration. You’re about to enter a world of symbols and magic, after all.

5.      Recognize Your Ideal Outcome

If there’s a path you hope to take or an outcome you’d like to see, acknowledge it! If necessary, use the outcome to rephrase your question, as in, “what do I need to know for x,y,z to happen.” Having goals can be very helpful in directing your reading, or at the very least will show where your biases and blind spots may be.

6.      Brainstorm Further Questions

You might find yourself full of questions before the reading and suddenly at a loss for words once things get going. There’s a lot happening during a tarot reading – those entrancing cards, your reader’s interpretations, your interpretations – and it’s easy to get lost. Write down a few follow up questions or issues you’d like to touch on and bring them with you. Be mindful of the time you have for your reading, of course. Two or three should do the trick.

7.      Have Fun

And finally, enjoy yourself! You’ve set the appointment, made your payment, and formulated your question. Now you get to experience the wonders of a tarot reading. Relax, open your mind, and see what the cards have in store for you. 

I hope these tips are helpful as you get ready for your next tarot experience. As always, sare any comments or questions below - I'd love to hear from you! Interested in purchasing a reading? Take a peek at my offerings here.