Weekly Forecast: October 16-22

Tarot Reading Jonasa Jaus Tarot Three Cards

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize a gift when it arrives in our lives. Accepting a gift means change and change means loosening our attachment to control. We can't grow if we don't give ourselves space to unfold. We can't let in the new, the unexpected, and the magical when we hold ourselves to a narrow vision of the future. 

Sometime we're trained to see limitation and obstacles when life presents us with something new. The cards for this week show how that something new, the gift that the Ace of Pentacles represents, can be the missing ingredient - the cherry on top of the sunday of fulfillment if you will. It's glorious, it's unexpected and... it's frightening?

Fear is an interesting emotion. It's deep and powerful, a primal reaction, and yet it's also comfortable, a baseline that's so human and so animalistic that we can't help but be familiar with it. In its own way fear operates on a different level, below our rationality and empathy. Honed in a different time, it's a powerful response meant to protect us at all costs. It's just that sometimes it tries to protect us from the good as well as the bad.

Something about this blossoming (I love the floral imagery that Jonasa Jaus' tarot has given us today) is making us uneasy. Does it feel too conspicuous or ostentatious? Is it activating a sense of shame or "having too much"? Or maybe it seems too simple and doesn't match up with our vision for the future. Do we feel like we need to suffer to earn our happines and our accomplishments? 

Whatever these gifts brings up in us it's activating our fear responses with a siren song to retreat and withdraw. It's important, however, to look around before running the other way. Is something else going on? Maybe it is safe after all. Maybe the blossoming is beautiful and something we deserve.

Of course it can be overwhelming, too. There's plenty of room for that. The Eight of Swords shows that overwhelm, yet its tendency is to get swept away with it and back into harmful narratives. In these swordsy situations it's very helpful to connect with other ways of being - the grounded physicality of the pentacles, for example, and the free-flowing emotion of the cups. 

Allowing our thoughts and fears free reign to dictate our actions is no way to lead a blanced life. The cards for this week are asking us to be tender with ourselves and peek out after our initial reaction to withdraw. The gift can just be a gift. The success and fulfillment can just be something beautiful we know we've worked hard to create for ourselves. And it's safe to step out of our worried minds and enjoy the life that's presented to us. 

We can stop and smell the flowers we've grown for ourselves. They're blooming right now. 

Weekly Forecast: October 9-15

Tarot Reading Tarot del Fuego Three Card Vibrant

Quests for deeper meaning are often just that - deep. We tend to draw inwards, cutting out distractions in order to focus in on a higher truth. It's mystical, meaningful, and a departure from our usual way of moving through the world. 

After a while, however, the ideas we've been chasing start to coalesce. Then we can begin to integrate them into our lives, bringing them out of the darkness and into real and sometimes messy practice. 

This week we're at such a point, enjoying the newfound inner peace that emerges when we bring our values and ideas into our actions. The meeting of the two creates a feeling of harmony. The inner matches up with the outer and we feel shiny and new and proud of our decisions. 

The Hierophant illustrates this feeling beautifully. He is the embodiment of our beliefs, contained and broadcasted outwards. I like to think of this card as the home we build for our beliefs. Where do they live in our lives? This can be traditional, like going to church every Sunday, or more diffuse - the small rituals where we are truly present or ways we interact with the world that holds a higher truth or power in mind. 

This week we're being asked to take note of these places and draw strength from them because, excitingly enough, we're going to be asked to expand them in the days to come. It might feel scary - after all, some of these practices are new. We might think they're untested and not quite ready for a larger stage. The cards, however, have something else in mind. 

What happens when we live our lives in alignment with our values? People take notice. It's impossible to be at one with yourself and live a harmonious life and sneak by, invisible. The thing is, when we're carving space in our lives to accomodate and honor what means the most to us, we're also broadcasting a new way of being to those around us. It's inspiring and a little unnerving. Shining bright means that you're also a beacon.

This week is giving us an opportunity to shine a little brighter. The Seven of Pentacles depicts a moment where we first take stock of how far we've come and second, after a deep breath, leap forward in search of more. Whatever the opportunity, it will take shape in a practical, embodied part of our lives. Increased responsibility, the chance to learn a new complimentary skill, or an unexpected leap forward. No matter the form it takes, The Hierophant is telling us that we're ready for this expansion.

Most encouragingly, the Queen of Wands appears as our final card. She's shown up as a theme for several past readings, indicating that we have a larger lesson to learn from her right now. Learning to channel our abundance of energy with grace and effectiveness has brought us quite far already. Once again, we're returning to a place where we can accomplish so much and, instead of descending into burnout, it's reigniting our passion and propelling us forward to brigher, even more exciting places.