Year Ahead Reading

Year Ahead Reading


Waltz into 2019 with the

insight and energy of tarot

One of my favorite offerings is back and better than ever - a comprehensive tarot reading for the year ahead, now with built-in workbook exercises to dive deeper into the cards' messages.

Purchase one for yourself or give as a gift to a dear friend. These are wonderful resources to refer back to as you chart your progress through 2019. Each book come as a 15 page PDF for print or download and includes:

  • 3 cards addressing the larger themes of the year ahead: who you are, where you're going, and challenges and accomplishments to expect.

  • 12 cards for each month of the year - what to plan for, work with, and cultivate.

  • A “big picture” reading combining them all to address major themes such as love, career, and higher calling.

  • and now journalling prompts, affirmations, quotes, and exercises you can use to chart your path forward and deepen your understanding of yourself.

I pour a lot of magic and attention into these readings, so there will be a limited amount available to ensure I craft the best and most in-depth resources for you.

Gifted readings come with a PDF gift certificate you can print or email for the lucky recipient.

Readings will be sent out on December 30th via email.

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