Written Readings

Written Readings

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Handcrafted tarot readings delivered to your inbox in the form of artful & insightful PDFs

Perfect for all questions big and small, these readings channel the guidance of a face-to-face reading into the written word.

I craft each of these readings much like an in-person session and send if off to your inbox in the form of a PDF document complete with a photo of your cards, illuminating questions, and, of course, the reading itself.

Select your number of cards by the detail you’d like. 3 cards are perfect for a straightforward question or a brief answer to something more complex while 10 cards give you all the detail you could ask for.

Refer back to it as you continue your journey and work with the cards’ messages. It’s my goal to create a meaningful and resonant resource just for you.

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how it works

After you select your reading type you’ll be directed to a form via checkout where you can select your question or topic and add any details you want to include.

If you don’t have a question in mind, don’t fear! Simply enter “general reading.”

I’ll respond with an email confirming your order and get to work on your reading. Once completed, I’ll send it straight to you in the form of a downloadable PDF file you can view, save, & print.


3 business days for 3 Card Readings

5 business days for 6 Card Readings

7 business days for 10 Card Readings