Rider Waite Smith Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Cups


The Ten of Cups illustrates the richness, happiness, and satisfaction that comes from solid, trusting, and reciprocal relationships. Here, emotion is shared freely, in turn traveling into the world and multiplying. The fruits of love are abundant and sustaining. This card shows us how much happiness can come from stable, loving relationships of all stripes. Commitment and support give us a rich foundation to build upon and in this card we can see how much one can flourish, delighting in sharing the pleasures of life with those close to them. 


Love, stability, abundance, connection, family, partnership, good fortune.

Appears As

Celebrating a union, committing to a relationship, adding to a family, giving freely, acting generously, treating others with kindness and open arms, traveling with loved ones, hosting, offering belonging.