Sliding-Scale Tarot Reading

Sliding-Scale Tarot Reading

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Email readings are a wonderful way to get a taste of the tarot, but sometimes you just need the magic of a face-to-face reading.

Part of my mission as a tarot reader is to make the delightful, illuminating, and healing magic of tarot available to people of all stripes and means which is why I offer five sliding scale readings each calendar month.

To purchase simply select from the pull-down menu to choose prices at heavily discounted $5 increments for either 30 or 60 minute sessions.

No explanations, justifications, or judgment. I'll let you decide what you can contribute and I'll do the rest aka give you a delightful tarot reading. 

All sliding-scale readings are for skype/video sessions. To schedule a sliding-scale reading in Durham, NC and surrounding areas contact me here.

Note: The ecommerce is finicky and gets confused - to check out without a catch you have to select 0 (zero) under the reading length you don't want in order in addition to your tarot choice. 

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How it Works: Simply enter your question in the form during check-out. If you would like a general reading, simply enter "general reading" in the question section. (For help formulating questions, see here.) I will contact you to confirm your reading. 

For Skype Readings: I will email you to schedule a time for your reading. Your reading will be considerd "booked" after I recieve your payment. Mark it in your calendar and get excited! I can also do readings via gchat for those interested.