Birthday Reading

Birthday Reading


Curious about what the next year has in store for you? Wondering what your birthday has to tell you about your personality and life path? Looking for a meaningful gift for someone special in your life?

You get all this and more with a deluxe birthday reading from Incandescent Tarot.

Each reading comes as a 10 page PDF that includes the following:

  • 3 Birth Cards that address your personality, purpose, and gudiance. 
  • Your Tarot Card of the Year
  • A 12-Card reading for the upcoming year 
  • Individual breakdowns by each month that address: key events, key issues, qualities to embrace, and guidance.
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How It Works

I will email you to confirm that I've received your order. Then I'll get to work! Because of the length of these readings, I will have them sent out 7 business days after confirmation. They'll arrive as an email with a link to the PDF. You can then view and enjoy online, download to your computer, and/or print the reading for a beautiful tarot keepsake to revisit. 


Gina’s birthday reading has been such a powerful tool for growth and insight. The card of the year helped me to set an intention for the year to come and to get a larger picture of the journey I’m on. Also, at the beginning of each month, I get to reflect on the monthly card she drew.

So far, each monthly card has been remarkably prescient, and has predicted the theme I’ve had to grapple with that month. Looking back at the cards and the words of encouragement and advice Gina offered has renewed my faith and sense of direction when I feel stuck or overwhelmed.

I particularly appreciate how Gina emphasizes the opportunity for growth in each card—yes, there might be emotional turmoil and hard work, but Gina makes clear how each card can be used for integration, joy, and celebration. There are so many dimensions of wisdom in this reading that I keep uncovering as the months pass, all woven into a larger narrative around the card of the year and my personality card.

Gina’s intuition and prescience are remarkable. The reading is visually stunning and deeply personal. I can’t thank her enough!
— Caroline M., Musician