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Monthly Forecasts

Looking to center yourself for the month ahead? Enjoy the Weekly Forecasts but craving something more in-depth?

Joing me for one of my favorite tarot practices: doing a reading each month to center myself and plan for the days ahead. 

This is my way of sharing more tarot guidance with all you lovely readers.

I love putting together these forecasts so we can all lay out the trends, energies, and issues. I hope you'll come along for the journey. 


 The empress tarot card from The Fountain Tarot

Card Meanings

Immerse yourself in tarot with a detailed exploration of each card.

Far more than a handful of keywords, I use this space to wax poetic (as concisely as I can!) on my interpretations, experiences, and research.

The perfect place to get lost in tarot while building your knowledge.



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