Connect over tarot, intuition, spirituality, & more

I’m so excited to introduce this new facet of Incandescent Tarot: a free, inclusive, and vibrant community of seekers. Hosted on Mighty Networks, this community is open to people of all interests, beliefs, and levels of experience. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that our energy, knowledge, and magic grows when we work together.

If you’re reading this, consider yourself officially invited - come join us!

Whether you’re an expert reader, curious skeptic, practice another form of spirituality or magic than tarot, or just want to stay in the loop, this is a space for you.

Durham Tarot Club Meetup

Find engaging content and conversations around:

  • tarot card meanings

  • spiritual practices

  • dreams

  • self-care

  • magic, and so much more.

Make new connections, share resources, and even swap readings and interpretations.

It’s my goal to provide a space that’s open to questions, exploration, and multiple viewpoints. That means no stuffy, prescriptive tips or illusions of certainty: We’re all on the journey together.

Why Mighty Networks?

In my experience as a pro reader there’s been nothing more inspiring and gratifying than seeing the magic and breakthroughs that happen when people come together over tarot and spirituality. I’ve loved hosting local meetups (The Durham Tarot Club & Craft Night) and wanted to bring this community online.

Which is where Mighty Networks comes in: As of 2020 I’ll be completely phased out of social media. That means no Facebook or Instagram. This will be the only place where you can follow along my journey and connect with me.

I chose this space because it’s gloriously free of ads and algorithms, we all own the “content” we share, and there’s so many more opportunities to connect with each other over topics and even geographical location.

I can’t wait to see you there.


Yes, I'd love to join the incandescent tarot community

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